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    “now now, I get to see it all” Thierry smiled as Bartoz pulled his pants down, his hands moving to cover his exposed cock.
    “But that wont be at a competition” Bartoz replied in a deep voice. Thierry grinned as the large hands barely covered the hunks cock and balls.
    “yeah, but have you seen how little those thongs cover? You’re practically naked. Besides if you’re this nervous in private, I don’t see you being a star on the stage.”
    Thierry waited as Bartoz thought it through and the wannabee bodybuilder nodded.


    The hands parted and placed themselves on his hips. “i guess you’re right.”
    Thierry licked his lips as he saw the fat cock. Jesus he’s big, and not even hard. Oh, I can’t wait to see what I can do with that!
    “Why don’t you pose for me, show me the big muscles” Thierry ordered, his eyes roaming over the thick musculature. Bartoz nodded, raising his arms and tensed them, his biceps growing as large as footballs.
    Thierry was paying more attention to the hunks cock, which pulsed as he flexed.

    Thierry leaned back, watching as Bartoz did a quick posing routine. His own pants grew tight as he saw the muscles move and tense.


    Thierry reached beneath the desk and pulled out his wallet, pulling out another wad of money and lifted it up. Bartoz’z eyes locked on the cash and his expression changed to avarice.
    “You’ll get this if I’m allowed to touch you. It’s” Thierry flicked the money counting “$100”.
    Bartoz opened his mouth and Thierry could see the gears turning behind his eyes.

    “Just touch” the muscle hunk said and Theirry nodded as he stood. Bartoz reached out and Theirry easily swaggered behind the taller stud. His hands would wrap around the muscled waist and rub the impressive abs.
    “these are strong, bet you work them every day” Thierry said in admiration.


    Bartoz nods, his face going red as Thierry pushed his torso against his back.
    “i finish up every session with abs. They are the focus in bodybuilding. And chest. I need to have a huge chest. Oh, and arms” Thierry smiled as his hands would move around the hard rectangles. Tuning Bartoz’s prattle about workout regimes and which supplement was best for him out.
    his fingers probed, feeling the depth of the muscles.

    “Flex for me” Thierry ordered, cutting though Bartoz’s rambling. Bartoz complied, lifting both his arms up and flexing. Thierry “ooohed” as the football sized muscle engulfed his face. His left hand moved up, roaming across the chest. Pushing his fingers into the strong muscle as Bartoz bounced his chest. Theirrys other hand meanwhile was moving down until he found the root. His hand would cup Bartoz’s giant cock, barely managing to wrap around it. A few gentle touches were all it took for the cock to grow in his fingers.

    “Uhm what are you…ohhhh ahhhh!” Thierry smirked as his left hand found the soft nipple and then flicked it with his thumb. The muscle hunk moaning in pleasure.

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