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    Andre smirks as he turns back to look at his brother.
    “Why don’t you have some fun Caio? After all that brute is the one who actually rammed their dick into Joao”.
    Caio’s eyes hardened as he looked down and nodded, remembering how they had intervened.
    “well Its not like they’re a challenge for us. So yes, I think I will torture this Puta.”

    Romeo was slowly crawling towards his best friend and partner in fights. Something blocked out the light behind him.
    “Aggh!” the battered fighter gasped as his face was slammed into the unyielding floor. The expensive sneaker of Caio pushing his face into the ground.
    “Where do you think you’re going? Maybe to see your boyfriend? Don’t worry I’ll help you get there”.


    Romeo growled as his hands pressed against eh ground, slowly pushing up, resisting Caio’s foot.
    “tut tut, Puta you need to learn your place”. Romeos wrists were suddenly gripped in a crushing grip as his torso was pulled up. The foot on his head keeping the pressure up, his back and shoulders throbbing in agony from the opposing forces.
    Andre had gotten up, giving Damon a perfect view of Romeo’s chiseled body and pain wracked face. The twin grinned and pointed down to Damon’s cock.
    “I think we should introduce them don’t ya think?”


    Caio smirks, his thigh tensing as he stomped down, slamming Romeo’s face into Damon’s cock and balls.
    “FUCKKKK NOOOO!!!” Damon yelled in agony as his balls and cock were stomped by his best friend’s face. Romeo was likewise howling as he was forced to inhale Damon’s musk.
    (Ahhh!…why…does…it…feel…nice…No! He’s my friend!)
    Andre let out a cackle as he watched Caio pull the trapped Romeo up and slam him down again an again.
    “I reckon his friend is enjoying it just as much, with each kiss of those pillow lips, the Puta’s cock has been growing harder. “


    Caio looked at his twin and smirked “how about we make them acknowledge their budding romance?”
    Andre’s eyes flashed with glee, knowing exactly where he was going.
    Joao, outside the cage, moved around, getting a perfect view.
    “Fuck them up!” the youngest Corriea called.
    Caio lifted his foot, reaching down to grip Romeo’s hair, hauling him up with a grunt.
    Romeo blinked, his eyes focusing onto Damon, just below him.

    Damon moaned, seeing his friend a foot away from him, his muscles glistening with sweat, pumped from the fight. The light reflecting of his sculpted chest. Then his eyes flicked down and widened in horror.
    (Ohh fuck…that cock…uhhh…its sooo big…)
    Damon’s mouth opened involuntary.

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