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    Andre grinned as he heard the crowd chanting and cheering. He raised his arms, posing on the stricken Damon.
    “ARE YOU ENTERTAINED!” the blond yelled out and the crowd cheered back. He looked down at the struggling fighter under his foot.
    “Sorry, but we have a reputation for destroying and tormenting our foes. Just part of the business, I hope there no hard feelings on your end?” Caoi then looks down and laughs “well I guess you do have HARD feelings for it. I have the feeling you’re enjoying whats happening? Are you a masochist jobber? Well I suppose I can test that”.
    Damon grunts in protest his hands gripping the expensive sneaker of Andre.
    “Hey careful, that’s more than you make in a month” the blond retorted.
    “Fuck…You!” Damon hissed.


    Andre smiled “nah, you see that’s going to come later but first, well mainly to shut you up”. Andre’s foot pushed harder on Damon’s skull as his legs tensed.
    “AGHGHGGHHH!” Damon cried in pain as Andre jumped up into the air. Andre’s foot would point down, aiming for the abs of his trampoline.
    “AAAGHAGHAGGHAGHGH!!!” Damon howled in pain as all of Andre’s muscled body slammed into his defenceless gut.


    Romeo looked over to see his friend in agony as the blond brother dropped down, sitting on Damon’s abs, causing Damon to squirm. Caio smiled as he knew what would happen, Andre preferred to humiliate his opponents first. Andre’s hand gripped Damon’s slick hair and held tight as his hand moved down, moving along the hard cock of his prey.
    “not a bad size for a bitch but let’s see if you have had any fun”. His hand pushed lower and then his fingers reaching between the muscled cheeks.
    Damon blushed as he felt the fingers push between his cheeks.


    Romeo blushed red as he saw Andre sitting on top of his best friend. His face felt hot as he heard Damon gasp and the blond grinned.
    “well well I guess he hasn’t had fun yet, well more than the dildo we pushed in”. Romeo watched as Andre turned back, the blond’s eyes roaming over his body then they shot up and a sadistic smile touched his face.
    Romeo blinked as he heard that and then a memory pushed aside his mind fog.
    Boxing with a blond… beating that blond…being tied up from a heavy bag…
    Romeo’s eyes widened as he looked into Andre’s grinning face.
    Caio spoke from behind him “You don’t mess with the Correias, especially our little brother.”

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