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    Andre pounces, his foot shooting forwards to kick into Damon’s side.
    “Ahhhh!” the hunk yelled as Andre’s foot connected again and again. Then the blond stomped on Damon’s chest, driving the air from his lungs.
    “OOF!” Damon’s mouth opened with the air and then immediately Romeo’s booted foot pressed into his head, pushing his skull into the hard ground.
    “i hope you’re having fun, cause I am. God your pathetic. Hey bro! How’s your one going?”


    Caio grinned in sadistic pleasure, Romeo was still dizzy from that uppercut and the blond planned to make sure this fight was a one-sided squash. Romeo would stumble back, his head released by Caio.
    Got to concentrate Romeo thought but his head was muggy and then WHAM!
    Romeo gasped, spit flying from his lips as Caio’s knee pushed into his guts.
    Caio grinned as his leg pulled down, his foot just touching the floor before shooting up again into Romeo’s gut.


    “this is to easy” Caio called out as his hand swooping around to Hold Romeo’s head. The blond grinned as his fist tightened.
    “you really should be more aware” Caio said as he looked into Romeo’s eyes.
    Romeo was barely able to stand, even with his opponent helping.


    Romeo felt a line of fire across his cheek as Caio’s elbow punched into his face. Caio smirked as his blow sent Romeo flying.
    “BEAT THEM! KICK THEIR ASSES! BREAK THEM!” The crowd cheered as both Romeo and Damon were on the floor.
    Romeo’s head swam as his vision blurred. Caio rubbed his elbow and looked down.
    “you have a thick skull, almost scrapped my skin with that”.

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