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    The warehouse was filled with people. Several rich, most having paid good money to see what was coming. A 6-foot chain link barrier had been erected in the middle of the room, forming a octagon.
    Inside the octagon, a pair of hot, muscle-bound blonds leaned on the barrier. Just behind them, a younger clone was watching.
    Andre and Caio. The feared fighters of the underground. The Brothers were undefeated and had brutalized and dominated all their opponents.
    They worked as a perfect team, only taking on fights from opposing teams.

    “i see out opponents” Andre said softly, Caio looked up and even Jao turned his head.
    “oh they look beat to shit already” Caio noted and Jao sneered.
    “this will be easy I bet I can take em myself” Jao boasts as the cage door opened and a pair of handsome men stepped in.
    “Romeo is the big one, though I think he might be having some issues” Andre noted, his eyes flicking down to the engorged cock of Romeo.
    “Jeez, I wouldn’t want that in my ass, but that isnt going to happen. Check out his partner, Damon right? Hes gazing down at that tool.”
    Caio then glanced at his brother, both suddenly smiled. The smile didn’t reach their eyes as they shared the same thought.
    Jao cackled as the door closed behind them. “this will be fun”.

    Romeo shivered as he looked at the pair of pretty boys opposite him. He was holding Damon up.
    Damn the boss for noticing. The boss had pulled out another case and dropped a pill and held directly in front of Damon. His eyes would be hard and uncaring as they pulled at the curb.
    Damon had taken the pill and swallowed it, his body shivering after a few moments and then his cock had engorged.
    He was s till a bit dizzy as they were led from the car into the warehouse. Romeo supporting his team mate.
    “we got this, bet these guys don’t know how to fight” Romeo whispered next to Damon’s ear.
    “WELCOME! Ladies and Gentlemen! For tonight’s bout! On my left we have our challengers. Damon and Romeo! Romeo seems a little or maybe a BIG appreciation for them!”
    Romeo scowls as the crowd jeers as the announcer points out his obviously over engorged cock.
    Im going to beat him up for that Romeo thought as their opponents stepped forwards.
    “On my Right we have the current UNDEFEATED CHAMPIONS! Andre and Caio CORREIAS!!!” the crowd cheered. Andre raised his hand to acknowledge the cheers and Romeo’s heart sank.
    Each brother was taller than him and Damon, and it looked like thay had more muscle to boot.

    “Fuck” Romeo said softly and Caio grinned.
    “thats whats going to happen” the bearded blond said “and it isnt going to be pleasant.
    Damon and Romeo shared a glance as the announcer stepped back.

    The brothers lunged forwards. Romeo pushed Damon away, his hands coming up. But Caio was too fast, his fist slipped though his arms, and slammed into his chest.
    Romeo gasped as he swayed backwards and Caio tuttered. His other hand looping around and gripping the back of Romeos neck as his body torqued.
    Caio’s fist slammed into his jaw, and Romeo’s head shot backwards, his body almost falling and only standing as the iron grip of Caio;s other hand.

    Damon was in worst position, off balance form Romeos push, he didn’t even have a chance to raise his hands as Andre’s fist slammed into his cheek, rocking him and sending him down to the ground.
    “pathetic, at least try to put up a fight bitches”.

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