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    “or you can beg in other ways” I say the idea changing. I want him to make the choice. I want him to serve me. I won’t force him. I’m going to be subtle.
    Lucky blinks as he looks to the size, watching Kyle struggle to take the thick cock of Bartoz and then looks at mine. Mine is equal to Bartoz but I can see the desire and willingness in his eyes.
    Lucky moves in, his pink tongue stretching out to lap at my head.
    “mmmmmmm” the sound of pleasure emboldens the pink haired hunk. His mouth opened wide, slowing engulfing my throbbing cock.
    “Yeeeessss!” my hands move to grip Luckys head and pull him further.


    “get ready for the next stage” I order Bartoz and his face saddens for a moment then his frown turns to an evil smile. He gives a few final thrusts and the pushes Kyle off his dick.
    “go join your boytoy” he orders to Kyle as he steps away.
    Lucky looks up at me as I release his head and he pulls off, taking a relieved breath. He was still getting used to my cock. His face then pressed against the side of my shaft and started to lick and kiss. I motion and Kyle grudgingly move in. His face pressed into the other side.
    I would be the carrot to the stick of Bartoz


    I moan loudly, both men, licking and kissing my thick shaft. One eagerly, the other hesitantly. Both moving up and down, worshipping my rod.
    “aaaaahhhhh!” Pre leaks from my head as they both lapped. I grip their heads, gently guiding them up to my sensitive head. Both feathery touches of their tongues trigger spasms of pleasure.
    “im close” I moan and I feel both double their efforts. Each trying to be the one to make me blow.


    I start to thrust my hips, my cock lancing between their soft, warm lips. More pre leaking from my tip. Both Kyle and Lucky fighting to get to my sweet nectar.
    “Ahhhh!” I gasp I can feel my climax approaching. It wouldn’t take much more work from these hunks before I blow my load over them both.

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