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    1. Makes it that much better to anticipate what Kyle has coming to him. After what he did to studs Jake and Ryan, am looking forward to Kyle being seriously abused.

  1. 5

    Kyle sneers as he face twists and then I hear “your a weak steroid asshole”.
    SMACK! Kyles head twists to the side. He moaned in pain as Bartoz completed his swing, his large hand coming round.
    “my muscles are won in the gym little bitch. Don’t worry you’ll be feeling all their power soon enough.”

    I smile in pleasure, watching Bartoz loom and flex over the bitch. I shiver in pleasure as Lucky keeps licking and kissing my foot.


    Bartoz then looks over at me and I nod in permission. The ripped muscle hunk reaches down and grips Kyles hair as he slams his cock into his cheek.
    “i think its time to put that mouth of ytour to use”. Lucky looks over and I scratch his chin.

    “remove my pants” I order lucky as I hear Kyle gasp. Lucky looks up at me and blinks and I see his shoulders move.
    “Use your mouth, I’m sure you can manage” I finish with a grin. Lucky lifts his torso up, his mouth opening as it grips the loose band of my pants. He starts to pull down, the pants moving slowly, my hard erection being an obstacle.


    Bartoz meanwhile was being more forceful. He held Kyle’s head tight between his ham hands as he drove his beer can cock in and out of the open mouth of Kyle. Kyle was gagging, his throat bulge as more of Bartoz’s dick was being pushed in.
    I chuckle, watching as Bartoz plows Kyles throat.
    “good thing he is getting lots of spit, cause that’s the only lube he’s going to use hehehe”. Kyle gasps as Bartoz pulls his dick free, getting in a ragged breath before the cock dives into his mouth again.
    I watch, my cock throbbing in pleasure at the domination. Bartoz starts thrusting hard, treating Kyles mouth as a hole for him to fuck.
    “easy now, save your energy, we want him to be a good hole, you can break his ass later”. Bartoz grunts but he slows down his motions.


    Lucky finally finished pulling my pants down, quite a feat. I stroke his head, playing with his brightly colored hair as he looks up at me.
    “Beg me to stop Bartoz” I say looking into his eyes.
    Lucky’s mouth opens slightly, my hands move from his head to my own impressive cock.

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