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  1. Thierry’s Dreamscape with Bartoz punishing Kyle and Lucky

    Thierry Bands on arms, Lucky pink hair. Kyle brown. Bartoz ultra ripped muscle hunk


    SMACK “Ahhhh!!!!”
    I smile as I watch the muscled arm of my mover, Bartoz rise. Then slam down on the muscled red ass of Kyle.
    “MOTHERFUCKER!” Kyle yelled, squirming in pain as Bartoz’s other arm held him easily against his huge legs. The trapped man flailed his legs, vainly attempting to fight back.
    I grin, watching as I lightly stroke my groin. The arm shot down again, Kyle yelling in pain as his back arched. Kyle turns to me, hate and pain in his eyes and I lick my lips.
    “This is only the start of your torment. Thanks to you, my dreams of being a star were shot down!”

    Bartoz brings his hand down in the hardest blow so far. Kyle’s eyes bugged wide open as he stared at me, his mouth open in a silent scream of agony. My muscle henchman digs his fingers into the bright red ass of Kyle and grins. He had a hidden sadistic streak, especially when he could his full strength and unlike other bodybuilders, Bartoz knew how to use his muscles.


    I move, getting a better angle as Bartoz raises his hand again and I raise a hand.
    “Time to start dealing more pain, make sure you don’t knock him out. Or maybe do, it would be more fun to wake him up with a cock up his ass”. Bartoz grinned as he pushed Kyle onto the wooden bench, one hand gripping his tousled hair the other forming a fist. Bartoz then sat on Kyles ass, causing the trapped man to moan. The heavy muscles aggravating the slaps from earlier.
    I smirk, leaning back, my hand moving down to my groin, pulsing my hand as I watched Bartoz fist slam into the back of Kyle’s head, like a thunderbolt from a vengeful god.

    Kyle screamed in pain, his arms flailing as the blow caused Bartoz’s grip on his hair to break. The muscle hunk smirked as he released his fingers, brown hair falling like rain.


    I move my legs, Lucky crawling forwards to instantly lick and kiss my foot as Bartoz delivered several more blows, changing his strikes to the sides of Kyle’s face. Making sure he hurt his prey.
    Lucky’s tongue moves between my toes, and I shiver at the light touch.
    “You like being my bitch? Loved my cock going deep into your hole and making you mine. Well, I know you did.” I lean back as Lucky kisses my foot with fervor, worshipping my muscular body.

    “Bring him over, and restrain his arms, it’s time to get ready for the next bit of fun”. Bartoz nods obediently as his fist crashes once more into Kyle’s lower back. Kyle let out a yell of pain as Bartoz easily moved and grabbed a cord of rope, easily manhandling Kyles arms behind his back. Expertly tying them together with a tight knot that would not budge.

    Lucky pushed his head down, his ass rising as my eyes turned to that double mountain of perfect bubble butt. I lick my lips, vividly remembering my cock plunging into his hole. Lucky’s tight hole clenching tight as I slid in and out, cuckolding Kyle.


    Bartoz drags Kyle by his hair and drops him next to his boyfriend. I look over and smirk, admiring Bartoz’s handiwork. The mover had the same idea, lifting Kyle by his hair and turning his face to and fro.
    Lucky whimpers as he also saw the brutality the bodybuilder had inflicted on his lover.
    “Ignore him, Kyle will never fuck or love you again. You are all mine. I’m going to lock his pathetic cock up. Hes going to turn into my fleshjack. A hole for me to use and Bartoz to abuse”.
    Bartoz grins as his hand moves down his muscled abs, the veins popping as he flexed above Kyle.

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