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  1. Thierry gasps as he sees the fat cock of Lucky, throbbing and pulsing next to his. It was qual in length, and he was sure it was liga little wider than his own. Lucky smiles as he looks down at Thierry’s tool. 
    “Yours is pretty good as well” Lucky said as his hand trailed down to cup Thierry’s muscled ass. 
    Thierry blinks as he felt the hand stroking him and then he was turned to stare directly at Lucky. 


    Lucky smiles as he pushed his head closer to Theirry’s. THierry licked his leip as he lifted his face, rising to meet Lucky’s lips as they kissed together.  
    Lucky’s hands roamed over Theirry’s as his tongue pushed into the smaller mans mouth. Exploring gently, their tongues mingling in the shared space. Thierry was in heaven! He was making out with the hottest star of the studio!    


    There was a loud “aghgh” from the camera as the director covered his cough. Lucky breaks the kiss with a smile as he looks into Thierry’s eyes.  

    “your not a bad kisser” the platinum blond stud said as he moved behind Thierry, his taller frame pressing against Thierry as the camera flashed. 


    Thierry grinned at the compliment and then he gasped, feeling Lucky’s cock press against his body and ass. His eyes opened wide, his ass cheeks feeling the size and power in Lucky’s throbbing cock. 
    Lucky hummed softly as he reached around, his fingers moving to dance lightly over Thierry’s abs. 

    Thierry let out a loud moan of pleasure as his nipple was gently pinched between Lucky’s thumb and finger.  

    “that’s it enjoy” Lucky whispered as the camera flashed multiple times, documenting the hot action between the studs. Thierry closed his eyes, reveling in the soft touches of Lucky’s fingers on his front as his back felt the thick muscles and throbbing hot cock.  
    Pre leaked from the tip of Thierry’s cock as he was played and teased.  


    The brown haired hunk moaned, lost in pleasure before he turned around and dropped to his knees. He reached out, puling Lucky in close and kissed the shredded abs. Lucky blinked and grinned as he looked down, watching as Thierry’s cute face was kissing and licking his muscles as his throbbing cock pulsed with excitement.  
    “this one is a keeper” Lucky whispered, moaning in pleasure as Thierry’s tongue pushed between his abs.  

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