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    Dave shook his head as the crowd let out a cheer. Suddenly a flurry of activity occurred among the members. Money changed hands as suddenly bets were refunded.
    “yeah yeah fuck you all” Dave stood, his hands raised and his middle finger extended to the crowd. He stood there for a few moments then lifted his foot and stomped on Humpus’s back hard.
    the swede let out a groan and Dave knelt down.


    The blond stud gripped Humpus’s head and arm, holding him tight as he started to push the larger man down. Dave’s heavy cock pressed against the muscular ass of Humpus.
    “what was it you said you would do? Break my ass wasn’t it. Well how about I do the same to yours and I trust me. I won’t be using lube”. Humpus growled in response as he felt the cock push between his cheeks.
    Humpus grunted as he pulled his arm out, his chest hitting the floor. Dave would gasp in surprise as he fell forwards, his body twisting to the side.


    Both the alpha males hit the floor, though Dave had the better position. His hands moved, quickly reaching and gripping Humpus’s legs and pulling up. Pulling them into a modified cloverleaf hold. Having both limbs under his control as his hand moved down gripped the swede’s jaw. Dave’s body flexed as he pulled hard on Humpus’, his knee pressing down Bending his opponent.
    “i got you now you prick!” Dave yelled in triumph as Humpus slapped the mat in rage. He pushed his thumb into Humpus’s mouth.
    “i wish I could pay you back for the mouth fuck but this will have to do”.


    Hikaru watched in amazement as Dave managed to reverse the situation. In a few moments, he went from about to get fucked into a commanding position holding Humpus.
    “Hikaru! Help me!!” Dave called and then Humpus shouted out, voice muffled with Dave’s thumb in his mouth.
    “Help me and I’ll let you torture this prick!”
    Hikaru moved his head, looking at both Dave and Humpus.

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