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  1. Hampus smugly hits a premature bicep victory pose, sure that his dripping cock is about to blow a load down Dave’s throat. But the cheating Swede’s brass knuckles can’t save his balls from a well-placed knee. Turns out the giant isn’t such an alpha after all. Time for Dave to pound that whimpering ass!

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    The crowd goes silent as the giant swede pushed his hips down and drove the fat glans of his monster cock into Dave’s mouth. Dave spluttered; his jaw being forced open by the girth of the cock. His eyes were wide, fear and pain in his gaze as his mouth was being invaded.
    Dave’s hand rose, gripping Hampus’s hair and trying to push him away, the cruel Swede just pushed forwards. His knee pushing onto his chest, pinning Dave to the mat as his cock continued to push in.

    “Thats it Boy, get your tongue to work. You’re going to want plenty of Lube cause Im planning on breaking your ass”.

    Hikaru shivered in pleasure, watching as Humpus pushed his body down, effortlessly keeping Dave under control. His beer can thick cock driving further into Dave’s mouth. Dave gurgled, the thick cock blocking his mouth, his nose flaring as he desperately tried to breathe. Humpus smiled as his hand pushed hard on Dave’s neck, constricting his airway as his other hand tightened at the back of Dave’s head.

    “i love making bitches choke on my cock” Humpus said in a pleasure-filled tone. “the only issue is this isn’t the best position to fuck your throat in. Be lucky that’s the case bitch. Otherwise, you would be waking up when I fucked your ass!”

    Dave gurgled, black spots appearing in his vision as the dick pushed in. He felt it hit his uvula, his body shaking as it attempted to force the thing out. His tongue moved up, flicking the cock and tasted something sweet yet salty.
    Hikaru stroked his cock, watching with sadistic glee as Dave slowly stops struggling against Humpus.


    “i think its time for the main event” Humpus said as he felt Dave starting to fade. He pulled his hips back, his saliva-covered cock emerging from Dave’s lips. Fat globs of pre leaking from his urethra. “oh look you got me excited, just means more lube for your ass”. The swede raised his right arm up, flexing for the crowd. The crowd cheered and whooped. Enjoying the spectacle of Dave fighting, resisting and now it was time for the blond man to be turned into a bitch.


    Dave grunted, chest rising and falling as he took rapid breaths. Oxygen flooded his system as Humpus flexed above him. His eyes shot around the arena, watching the faces as they cheered for his fucking. (not today) he thought savagely as Humpus stood. The swede was cocky, thinking he had already won.
    Dave growled, noting that the Swede was moving over him. Not caring about how he moved.
    Dave saw the opportunity.
    his knee shot up.
    “ARGH!” Humpus’s voice shouted and the crowd silenced. They waited as Humpus shivered and then Dave’s knee shot up repeatedly, each time slamming into Humpus’s fat balls.

    Hikaru’s mouth opened in shock, his cock rock hard as the giant swede tumbled to the side. Hitting the floor as Dave pushed himself up.
    “Take that Bitch!”

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