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    Hampus kneels down, next to Dave. His hand extending to press against the younger man’s neck. There was a moment of no motion. Then his eyes widened in relief and pleasure. He felt the weak pulse, slowly gaining in strength every moment.
    “Good news everyone! Our bitch here will be awake in a few moments. Perfect time to start round 2!”
    Hampus’s cock pulsed with the announcement, getting ready for when it would be used to bust Dave’s vaults open.


    “urghghghh” I groan, my eyes blinking, then shutting hard as light stabs into them. Something grips my head, a wave of pain dancing in my skull at the slight touch.
    “aagh!” my eyes crack open again staring up at a blurry image above me.

    “Time to wake up!” a deep, familiar voice said.
    “ahhhh!” I gasp as my cheek is slapped, hard. My vision clears and I see my opponent. Hampus, above me. “oh fuckkkk” I moan as I realize what must’ve happened.
    “oh that’s going to happen” the voice said, a trace of sadistic pleasure in the words.


    “however how about I start with this one” I hear. I blink as my brain is still foggy. I feel my jaw being pushed wider, My mouth partially open from my earlier moan. Then I relise what is going to happen as my head is turned and I see the giant cock pointed right at my mouth!
    “No NO NO NO!!!” I gasp as I try to push up, to lift my arms. They move slowly, feeling like they were covered in molasses.
    the smiling german just stares ice cold into my eyes.


    “i prefer doing ot the hard way” Hampus said as he secured hs grip on my head. Hand pulling my jaw wide as it could go, making sure it couldn’t move. To bite. His huge cock then pressed against my lips. My eyes wide in fear.
    “I don’t think it will fit” another voice says, higher in pitch but I recognize it as well. Hikaru, the bastard who got me into this mess.
    “I’ll make it fit, after all he does want lube on my dick if I’m going to pound his ass”.
    I try to close my jaw, fighting against his tight grip, but it didn’t budge.

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