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    Dave flew backward from the titanic blow from the german. He dropped to his knees, his head swaying as his brain recovered from the blow.
    “ahhhh! He groaned, his eyes sharpening as he spotted the wealthy crowd in front of him. They were cheering “HAMPUS! HAMPUS!”
    “Urgh!” the muscle stud gasped, his hair being gripped and pulled savagely.


    “Oh no, you little bitch. Im only getting started, after all”. Hampus stepped forward, his mammoth cock pressing agaisnt Dave’s cheek, almost level with his mouth.
    “this is going to break your holes, both of them. Then there gentlemen get to have a go at you!”
    Dave’s heart sped up at the threat, nay promise he heard in the german’s tone.
    Hikaru was standing just to Dave’s left, getting a perfect view of what was about to occur.


    Hampus’s fist crashed into Dave’s jaw. Dave’s limp body continuned with the force of the blow. Hitting the wooden floor with a thump that had the crowd cheering.


    The muscular german placed a foot on his beaten foe and roared in victory! His musclar body, flexing for all as he stood triumphant over the lesser man.
    the gernam grinned as he looked down and noticed something about Dave.
    “He’s still hard as a rock!” he called out and the audience laughed. “maybe he enjoys being Knocked the fuck out! I’ll have to do it again.”
    Hikaru moved in front of the flexing man, his phone camera flashing, getting all the juciy shots of Hampus.

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