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    Dave gripped the blond hair of Hampus and pulled his head up. The larger male dizzy from the slam. The right eye red. A bruise starting to develop on the sculpted cheekbone. Dave grinned in pleasure as he slammed Hampus’s face down, once. Twice. A final time.
    Blood stained the wooden Table, leaking from the german’s nose. The patron right in front of Hampus raised his glass and took a sip. His hands then flashed as he threw the amber liquid on Hampus’s face.


    The blond shook his head, his eyes focusing on the man in front of him.
    “BREAK HIM!” someone shouted. Dave growled as he turned away to shout back.
    “When I want to you greedy bloodthirsty bastards!”
    Hampus smiled as the man reached under the bench and pulled out a small metal item. Hampus instantly recognized it and stretched out his hand, quickly donning the weapon.

    Dave turned back to Hampus “its time to pop his cherry, big strong man like you will sing when I go balls deep into your hole but I’m going to watch your face!”


    Hampus waited as Dave gripped his shoulder and turned him over. His fist shot out, a powerful right cross that landed right on target.
    Dave was rocked by the metal enhanced fist and was sent stumbling backwards. His back crashing into the barrier. Hampus stepped forward, his face twisting into a evil grin.
    “i think its time for me to break you”.


    Dave stood up a small scratch on his cheek from the blow. His face set in determination as he lunged forwards, right arm shooting out in a powerful cross.
    Hampus sidestepped, his left arm snaking around Dave’s arm and trapping it against his body. Dave realized his error as Hampus’s right arm rose above his face.
    Hampus’s cock twitched as he got ready to brutalize the handsome prey.

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