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    Hikaru let out a deep moan of pleasure, Hampus’s throat contracting around his cock. Dave pulled tighter on the Germans arms, stretching his chest and shoulders.
    Hampus shuddered, pulling on his arms, fighting against Daves grip. Dave would grin as he felt the fight still in his prey.
    “start wrapping up in there Hik, im going to resume breaking him and I don’t think you want your cock bitten off”.


    Hikaru nodded, hearing Dave’s order. He would pull his hard and spit-soaked cock from Hampus’s mouth and then slap his face with it. Making sure to get some of his own saliva into his eyes. Hampus would pant, taking lungfuls of air as his eyes met with Hikaru’s.
    “Im going to break you bitch, you thought what Dave did to you was painful? Im going to fuck you till you bleed!”

    Dave shook his head as he heard that “not until I break yours first big guy”.


    Dave lifted his foot from between the muscular shoulders of Hampus and then slammed it into the back of his head. Hampus would gasp, stars exploding in his vision.
    Hikaru smirked as he lifted his foot, still wearing that chained boot and joined in. His heavy boot kicking into Hampus skull and messing that perfect hair.
    Hampus groaned, enduring the repeated stomps until, Dave deleivered a brutal stomp and slammed his face into the wooden floor.
    Hikaru blinked as the power of the stomp broke Daves own hold on the Germans wrists.


    Dave would shake his head as Hampus lay on the floor, gasping in pain.
    “i think its time to get you ready for the main event” Dave said as he looked around.
    “and to give them men exactly what they paid for, an up close view!”
    Dave reached down, hauling Hampus up by his hair and shoulder. He then marched the german to the edge and slammed him onto the counter.
    “Argh!” Hampus groaned as his arms sent glasses skidding off and onto the floor. Breaking and spilling the amber liquid.
    “So then big guy, ready to become my Frauline?” Dave yelled.
    The crowd cheered as they got ready for the sight of the muscle bound stud breaking the larger man.

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