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4 Responses

  1. That asian guy in the blue dress shirt is losing his mind over how majestic Hampus looks. I guess Hampus knew he couldn’t trust Dave with a fair fight, so he sneaks in the kidney punch. There can be only one heel at Club Chain.

  2. I wonder if Hikaru is done now that Hampus has entered. We know Dave’s ass has a history with Hikarus cock. Regardless in horned up to see what damage Hampus and Dave can do to each other.

  3. I like very much the fact that cocky Dave always wears wrist and ankle cuffs in the last stories. Is that a requirement from his Patreon, so that he can punish him easier and faster when he loses a match? Please tell us more!!!
    P.S. I’ve just found this website and I find it GREAT! Please keep up the good work!!!

    1. Happy to hear you enjoy my work. Yeah the cuffs are so he can be restrained quickly when needed, but Dave knows how to use anything to his advantage.

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