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    1. Unfrotunately not. The numbers usually correspond to the camera id of the camera in the scene for me to keep track of which camera renders which image. Sometimes in the final edit i decide a partucular camera angle’s renders just doesn’t work for me so I just delete the cam’s renders (like in this case)

  1. I see Hikaru cumming a second time as he is driven over the edge again by the spectator’s mouth and throat. Is Hikaru talented enough to cum a third time as Dave pounds him in this more vulnerable position?

    1. I personally like multiple cummings like that. Though I’ve been wary of introducing it, I wanted it to be for something really epic. I’ve resisted the urge to use it in a scene several times. But now that I thought of it, i feel silly. If I like it and my patrons like it, I should use it as often as I feel like right? :D.

          1. Multiple cum shots will be great ! Thanks Marcus … outstanding as always and Happy New Year !!

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