In and abandoned factory in São Paulo, Brazil, a secret fight club takes place. Jun and Shu go up against Luiz in a first-to-cum-loses fight. The winner claims the losers ass. Shu is the youngest and most inexperienced fighter. He is new to the Galpão and is not familiar with all the rules. And this gets him and Jun in trouble.

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  1. Marcus: Super start to another great story…………. I don’t know the Portuguese that Jun is using but it has to go something like: DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE DONE? Do you know you have shamed us?
    Luiz waits and probably has a smile on his face…..
    Carry on!!! Shep

    1. Yes haha. Glad you like it. Jun and Shu are actually Filipino so its possible they said it in English. Common language used in the Philippines

  2. With the little erotic game of the two brothers, Luis was indeed surprised! The young Shu does not waste time, sacred ejaculation! This is a promising start.

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