These gym buddies might want to try their luck in The Warehouse, or Club Chain. 

They started bodybuilding and wrestling together at a young age. But soon they discovered the thrill of bareknuckle brawling. They would pick fights with taller and larger men, getting an immense thrill on dominating their opponents.

For their first fight, the men in the shadows have decided to pit them in a 2 vs 1 against one of the titans of the warehouse. It will probably not end well for them.

What do you guys think? Any ideas or suggestions for their first fight here?

They are probably the shortest guys on the roster right now.  Jake and Ryan are just a tad bit taller than them.

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  1. Bernard and Lee need to go up against Jake and Ryan in those leotards. Give them a set of thier own leos and lets see who ends up on top! 😉

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