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5 Responses

  1. Qwin is broken. I see Dave lifting his head to look at Yukio. If only Yukio was a little closer. Maybe he could spit and get Yukio to make a big mistake. Those massive legs would cave in Yukio’s tiny ribcage.

      1. Were you planning on going back and showing Mr Suit’s alone time with David? Mr Suit looked strong enough to handle a tranquilized groggy Dave without bindings. I forgot if Mr Suit is an employee of Club Chain or a very privileged patron who got lucky enough to be Dave’s first John.

        1. Suit is the bouncer of the club. Or all around muscle for breaking boys or handling unruly patrons. He’s gonna be here and there disciplining Dave and Quinn who will be fighting back a lot at the beginning.

          1. Sounds like a hot series. Suit breaking, raping and ballbusting a defiant Dave.

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