14.53 to 14.56 Now Kiss

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  1. shep says:

    MARCUS!!! Worth the wait!! Jake looks like he’s mad at Ryan but he’s forgotten how good the Latin’s kiss. Ryan doesn’t want to but he also wants to get this over with….
    And Lucky evidently does not go in slow. The kiss is broken by Ryan so he can scream a little. Jake shows he is hurting as well.
    Great job!!! Shep

  2. WrstlrAdam says:

    Amazing Marcus. Love seeing Kyle take down the cocky tough Jake Fucking his tight muscle hole and Lucky, having his way with Ryan is such sweet revenge. Can Kyle and Lucky be the new tag team to beat!

  3. mm84 says:

    Nice panel of humiliation. Are they going to have a little more fun? Good work, Marcus.

  4. Ray says:

    Would love to see the losers getting flipped over and lie on their back while being fucked, so Kyle and Lucky can play with their muscles and nipples and cocks at the same time

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