April Updates

26.23 to 26.26 Trapped and Dominated Leon is trapped and dominated by the double teaming studs. Trapped and Dominated Chapter 26: The Audition b11.09 to b11.12 Punched and Cuffed Patryk allows himself to be cuffed and awaits further punishment. Punched and Cuffed Behind the Scenes 11: Patryk in the Audience 22.25 to 22.28 Choking and Pounding Luiz enjoys his free moments with Shu to choke and pound the writhing twink over and over. Choking and Pouning Chapter 22: Galpão 20.29 to 20.33 Final Humiliation In a very disgusting display of dominance, the three bullies make sure Amir remembers not to cross them again. Final Humiliation Erotic Access Chapter 20: Bathroom Encounter 22.41 to 22.44 A New Deal Jun and Shu are offered a spot at the Boss' roster of fighters but first they have to prove their loyalty. A New Deal Chapter 22: Galpão b11.05 to b11.08 Shy Flexing Patryk thinks about the offer and reluctantly accepts. but Damon surprises him with a savage punch to his abs. Shy Flexing Backstage Pass Behind the Scenes 11: Backroom Threesome b11.01 to b11.04 Backstage Livestream Patryk is brought backstage and is made an tempting offer Backstage Livestream Backstage Pass Behind the Scenes 11: Backroom Threesome 10.58 to 10.61 Correia Ball Busting The Correias are subjected to more ball bashing. Correia Ball Busting Early Access Chapter 10: Fall of the Correias